Policy Manager

Policy Manager enables Credit Unions to automate the process of disseminating and tracking the organizations policies and procedures to their employees. Policy Manager simplifies the compliance requirements while automatically maintaining records of your employee's acknowledgments and understanding of the Credit Unions policies and procedures.

Uses Your Existing Policies

Policy Manager supports all of the major document platforms. Import your existing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Adobe PDF documents. Policy Manager also offers an HTML option with full formatting and page breaking.

Customize Policy Assignments

Assign your policies with multiple options, i.e., Company wide, or by Department, by Role, or individually, or by combinations of departments and roles. Policies can be assigned with multiple combinations to meet your credit unions requirements.

Acknowledgment and Tracking

Automatically track acknowledgment and acceptance of your policies. Once an individual has been assigned a policy, they will have to view, read and acknowledge the policy. Policy Manager automatically records when an individual has acknowledged and viewed a policy. Policies can also include exams to insure full understanding of the policy.

Automated Reminders and Simple Maintenance

Automated emails can be sent to individuals informing them of their outstanding unacknowledged policies. Polices can also be configured to auto-renew, requiring individuals to re-acknowledge the policy based on any timeframe.

Classroom Scheduling and Attendance

Policy Manager includes the ability to schedule, assign, and enroll employees into classroom schedules. With department manager approval and attendance forms, you can manage organization-wide training.

Multiple Administration Levels

With multiple administration levels, administrators can provide department managers access to generate reports and view the details of only the employees for which they are responsible.

Policy Manager is designed to easily upload your entire HR and Compliance manuals.

Supported File Formats

Use your existing policies in their current format.
Microsoft Word Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF format
Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Powerpoint