Simplifying Compliance Requirements

It's not easy managing the challenges of compliance

Not only must you deal with the increasing demands of doing business in a fast-changing environment, you also need to provide relevant and timely information, and report accurately and regularly to authorities, auditors, and shareholders. Dealing with these challenges to enforce compliance can be complicated and time consuming.
With Policy Manager, just import your policies, assign it to the appropriate areas and automated notices are emailed with tracked acknowledgement and acceptance.

When the auditors visit, you easily can generate a detailed report outlining all the individuals that have completed the Bank Secrecy Act policy, Reg D or any of the other policies you have imported.

Federal and State Requirments

Quickly import all of your existing policies.
Be confident that you have met your specific federal and state requirements.

  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Reg Z
  • Reg B
  • Reg CC
  • Reg D
  • Reg E
  • Right to Financial Privacy
  • Truth in Savings (reg DD)
  • HR Manual
  • ...and any other requirements